CloudWFX is a file-system (wfx) plugin for Total Commander created to manage the contents of cloud-based storage services.


  • Support for x86 and x64 architectures.
  • Multi-account support
  • Full support for SkyDrive (including thumbnails).



  • Navigate to CloudWFX through Network Neighborhood or by path (\\\CloudWFX by default)
  • Create a folder (F7), this will create the container for the service/account files.
  • A window will ask you which service you want to use with your new account. Currently, you can only select SkyDrive.
  • A window will open asking you for permissions to access SkyDrive. Once you give access, the window will close and the account will appear in the CloudWFX root. 
  • Just browse like any other folder to manage your service contents.


  • You can't move files between services 
    • It could be implemented but would require to download and reupload the file, so it's better to do it manually.
  • If you move a directory it will change it's id making it lose it's sharing permissions. 
    • This happens because Total Commander does not move the directory, but recreates the folder structure at the target, then moves the files.
    • This may not be possible to avoid.

Known issues
  • Once you have added services to the plugin, the first time it is launched in a TC session, it may take a moment to appear your accounts (and may slow TC!) because the plugin is refreshing the authentication of all your accounts. This behaviour may be changed in the future.
  • The first time you browse through your files, it may be a little slow because the plugin needs to download the metadata of your files. Subsequent browsing may be faster because the plugin caches the contents of the cloud service for two minutes (this time may be changed in the future, and even I may make it configurable). 
  • Currently the authentication tokens are saved in plain-text in the ini file for the plugin. This may be changed in future to use the encryption with TC master password.

SkyDrive known issues

  • Because of SkyDrive API not having a way to move a file to one folder to another using a different name, currently you can't move a file to a folder which contains a file with the same name even if you choose a new name for the file. It may be possible to workaround this by renaming the file to a temporal name before moving it and then renaming it to the new name.
  • Due to limitations of SkyDrive you can't upload files with the characters "#", "%" or "+".


  • Support for Box
  • Support for DropBox
  • Support for Google Drive
  • Support for Mediafire (?)
  • Support for SpiderOak (?)
  • Support for (?)
  • Support for Ubuntu One (?)
  • Support for OwnCloud (?)
  • Stand-alone library for managing Cloud Services (CloudAPI.Net)

Discussion (Comments, suggestions, bug reports)


  • 2013/06/10 - Bugfixes This release corrects the following bugs:Error downloading zero-byte filesCan't rename services (first level folders)Problems retaining authentication after TC is closedOther minor bugs
    Publicado a las 10 jun 2013, 21:52 por Alan Reyes
  • 2013/02/18 - Critical fix for x86 This release is a critical fix who corrects a exception when launching in TCx86.The problem was derived from the compilation of the CloudAPI.Net library for x64 instead of Any CPU.My apologies for the inconvenience.
    Publicado a las 18 feb 2013, 7:17 por Alan Reyes
  • 2013/02/16 - Support for manual updates from server This version has support to "manual refresh" of the folders.Previous versions used the internal cache of file metadata to retrieve the files of current folder even when the user used the TC refresh function (with F2 key, for example).This version tries to detect when user refreshes and downloads the file list again.NOTE: This can be a bit slow in long paths because the plugin has to download the metadata of every folder in the path, but this way is assured to have the most recent version.
    Publicado a las 16 feb 2013, 12:08 por Alan Reyes
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